Slowly wrestling my way through Sylvia’s page. So very hard to pin her down in certain angles or even keeping her design consistent. Even while I’m doing lineart, I keep fiddling with the rough sketches. There’s also me fretting about her outfit, her head shape, basic anatomy, her bridle, aaaaaah.

I surelly your fan! *u*

hope you’ll let us see your humanizated Lord Hater and Peepers, when you’ll draw them!(if you’ll draw them…)


Webcomic Wednesday: Power Nap

Power Nap is an amazing webcomic written by Maritza Campos with art by Bachan Carrillo. The story follows Drew who lives in a future where nobody needs sleep anymore because of an awesome blue pill. Poor Drew is one of the rare people that is allergic to the pill and still needs sleep. Not being able to earn as much money as others that can work a full 16 hour day he takes up a special new job where he gets to sleep as part of the job. Follow drew as he deals with the madness that is his life and his dreams.

No definite update schedule right now but they are getting to it and it is not a long wait in between updates. The comic is also available to read in español here.


I Can’t describe HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!!!



(кому из соотечественников интересно, вот тут можно и на Русском почитать)



Mysterious production art (or so it was labeled) that was up for sale on Mandarake years ago of… Zenigata getting married? If anyone can identify the source it’d be cool. Seems like something Miyazaki era red jacket? Maybe from a hanken or just the animators goofing around?

Words can’t describe how much I wish I’d bought this.

holy shit, what is this? other than cute as hell i mean

it does look very Telecom but it’s definitely not from any actual episode/film they worked on. there was really no information? shit i’d buy it in a heartbeat i don’t even care who made it



Have a bunch of space cowboy doodles. I apologize beforehand for icky colors.

My Human Wander is basically what you get when you put Jack McBrayer in all his chinless glory, Wander’s hairy spoon design, a dash of The Two Man Gentleman Band’s pre war inspired fashion, and The Man with No Name’s poncho into a blender and vomited onto a canvas. 

And the reason why middle Wander is suddenly left handed is because I’m so used to drawing Muppets playing instruments left handed and now I’m stuck with drawing left handed instruments on default. Feel free to laugh at me.

Gasping very hard, because


IT’S PERFECT!!!! *o*

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